Statement: “Objection to the Hong Kong National Security Law and China’s Hegemony”

The imposition of the Chinese government’s “National Security Law” on Hong Kong takes away the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong residents, destroys democracy, and destroys the foundation of growth of varied public culture. If there is no guarantee of freedom of thought, beliefs, or expression, the development of various public movements, environmental protection movements, and nature conservation movements are stunted. We consider this from a stance of wolves in relation to restoring and protecting the ecosystem, and call for the repeal of the Hong Kong National Security Law and demand the guarantee of freedom of expression. At the same time, we call for an end to the suppression of rights of the people of Uighur, Tibet, and Mongolia, and to aggressive international military action.

Such a series of actions by, and the political policies of, the Chinese government to open its economy and increase its hegemony impact the quality of air, water, and land both domestically and internationally, and continues to destroy the environment, the ecosystem, and wildlife at an unprecedented rate. As a result, it also endangers countless number of land wildlife as well as causes a reduction in the number of and drives to extinction animals such as the Chinese dolphin and other marine life; ungulates such as all species of deer and the Mongolian gazelle; and wolves.

Furthermore, the Chinese government’s repeated aggression in the East China Sea is a scheme to take control of the Senkaku Islands, in violation of the sovereignty of Japan over the Ryukyu Islands. At the same time, protests by neighboring coastal nations of the increased attempts at hegemony in the South China Sea remain ignored, and the forced establishment of military installations and reclamation of beautiful coral reefs continues to cause the extinction of many forms of life as well as the destruction of marine life. We call for the immediate stop to this brutality, and a return to peace and a path toward the restoration of the precious ecosystem to this area of the ocean by the establishment and appropriate management of a wildlife and marine wildlife preservation area.

This series of aggressive measures by the belligerent Chinese government and its oppressive diplomatic policies, including the one-sided annulment of an international agreement, has named China by a term known both domestically and internationally as “wolf warrior”. The term “wolf warrior” spreads rumors and misinformation in order to damage the correct understanding of wolves through fear and anxiety. We must exercise caution when using such a metaphor for the distortion of the truth when it damages the perception of wildlife.

In conclusion, we make this appeal to everyone inside and outside the country against the destruction of democracy and the global environment through the Hong Kong National Security Law, and China’s policy of hegemonism.

June 10, 2020
Japan Wolf Association (General Incorporated Association)

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